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The HES PTA is headed by a board of officers and committee chairs.

The PTA Board meets every 6-8 weeks to plan activities and discuss funding decisions.

Officers serve a two-year term.

2017-2018 PTA Board Officers:  

President:                 Sonya Sutton    
Vice-President:         Kurtis Keller
Treasurer:                 Tracy Shinn      
Secretary:                 Tracy Thomas

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All PTA-sponsored programming is carried out by the committees listed below, followed by a brief description.

Scroll down for more details about each committee in terms of activities and time commitment

  • Advocacy — support legislation and district decisions affecting our school
  • Book Fair — Scholastic Book Fair held in the Fall and Spring
  • Community Funding — seeks monetary support from BOX TOPS for Education and other sources
  • Cultural Arts — provides special arts programming, such as visiting authors, artists, and musicians.
  • Grounds and Nature Trail – organizes grounds maintenance and landscaping
  • Hospitality — plans special events and gifts in recognition of administrators, staff, and teachers
  • Membership — carries out PTA membership drives and collects dues
  • Read-A-Thon — organizes  the annual fundraiser based on how many minutes students spend reading
  • Social — hosts fun family events that help build school community

Please share your ideas, talents, and energy.  All committees welcome new parent involvement and input!

If you are interested in joining a committee or finding out about a leadership role, fill out the form below or email

Also consider getting involved in organizing activities for your classroom —  Class Parent and Grade-Level Parent volunteers


Advocacy Committee

Commitee Chair: Vacant

The advocacy committee works to support our students, teachers and administrators in policy and legislative issues. Members of this committee help organize advocacy efforts to local and state leaders.

Time Commitment: Will require a lot of attention near votes for important issues, but varies during the year

Can this be done at home or in person? Most can be done at home, though in-person meetings may be required occasionally.

Book Fair Committee

Committee Chairperson: Valerie Lund

Key Events:

  • 2016 Fall Book Fair 10/31 thru 11/4, Setup on 10/28
  • 2017 Spring Book Fair tentatively set for 1st week of May

Time Commitment: Volunteers can sign up for as many or as few 2 hour shifts during the week(s) of book fair as they would like. There are also setup and take down shifts which are about 3 hours.

Can this be done at home or in person? All of these shifts would require volunteers to be onsite at the HES Media Center while the book fair is going on. It’s lots of fun!

Community Funding

Committee Chair(s): Andrea Annas, Breah Woolson

Community Fundraising oversees the BoxTops, Labels for Education & Retailer (Harris Teeter, Lowe’s Foods, Weaver St.) Programs, and Amazon Smile.


Key Events:

1).  BoxTops Label Collection (4x throughout the year) & Contests/Raffles

  • “Back to School” Collection & Class Raffle (August 26th collection date?)
  •  Late Fall Collection
  •  Spring Collection & Raffle/Contest
  •  End of Year Collection

2).  “Back to School” Teacher Supply Basket Raffle

3).  Teacher Giveaways throughout the year – copy paper?, VISA gift cards, depends on the status of the end of the Labels for Education program.

Time Commitment:

  • Minimal, a few hours of BoxTops promotion time spent sending emails via weekly communication, printing flyers, reminders to teachers.
  • Time spent counting on average (6,000 – 8,000 labels) for each collection period, 4 times per year typically, and submitting/mailing labels from Post Office. If split between two Co-Chairs, then a few hours total of counting/mailing for each person, just twice a year.

Can this committee work be done at home or need to be done in person? Most Time Spent From Home counting labels, Some Time Outside Home with trips to Post Office, In-person promotion with teachers & delivery of gifts.

Cultural Arts

Committee Chairs: Erika Foster and Jennifer Hancock

Committee members will assist with program selection (authors, artists, musicians, performers for each grade level) and will help seek out potential sources of funding. Grant writing experience is helpful!

Grounds and Nature Trail Committee

Committee Chairs: Nan Fulcher and Tracy Shinn

Key Events: Volunteers can help at a “Grounds Maintenance Day”, which are typically scheduled 2-3 times per year, on Saturday mornings 9 a.m. to noon. Work includes, mulching, weeding, planting etc. In addition, we sponsor the “Adopt-a-Plot” program where families maintain a small section of the HES grounds on their own schedule, year-round.

Time Commitment: Committee members can participate in planning grounds maintenance projects, coordinating volunteers, or working on the grounds themselves. Maintenance needs (weeding) are higher in the growing season, but many there are plenty of small jobs year-round.

Can this committee work be done at home or need to be done in person?  Hands-on grounds work is done on site, but other “behind-the-scenes” activities can be done at home, such as investigating options/budget for new projects, emailing volunteers, etc.

Hospitality Committee

Committee Chair(s): Sandra Green, Tricia Prinzo

Key Events:

  • Holiday Bake-a-thon – 2nd Monday in December
  • Teacher Appreciation Week Luncheon – 1st Wednesday in May, gift gathering and prep on your own time in March and April
  • Staff Meeting Refreshments – 1st Tuesday of the month.  Sign up for a month. (purchases are reimbursable)
  • Staff Birthday Gifts – Sign up for a month and purchase gifts on your own time (purchases are reimbursable)

Time Commitment:  Flexible.  Please participate in the aspects of the committee that work best for your      schedule.

Can this committee work be done at home or need to be done in person?  Both.  We need committee people to be present at the Bake-a-thon and Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. Other aspects of the committee can be done at home and dropped off at the school at a person’s convenience.



Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Beth Harrington

Key Events:

  • Open House- week before school begins
  • First PTA General Meeting- August

Time Commitment:  A few hours per week is needed at the beginning of the school year, but only for a few weeks. Most of the time spent is sorting through the Membership forms received and entering each PTA Member’s information into a spreadsheet (pretty easy work!) which can be done from home.

Can this committee work be done at home or need to be done in person?  Both; however, most of the work can be done from home at one’s convenience. Preparing the Membership forms and entering member’s information is all done from home. However, there are some small time commitments here and there including manning a table during Open House and being available during PTA meetings. This is a great way to help our school while working with flexibility from home!

Read-A-Thon Committee

The Read-A-Thon Committee plans our major fundraiser, which raises donations for the entire PTA operating budget and funds that are used for additional projects such as the Outdoor Classroom in 2015-2016.

Key Events: Read-A-Thon Kickoff Assembly August 5th, with events until the end of the first quarter

Time Commitment: The bulk on the time spent on Read-A-Thon is in the summer and first quarter of the school year. A strong committee lightens the demand on individual people, and all money is collected and prizes distributed by the end of the first intersession.

Can this work be done at home or at school? Both, though most work and coordinating can be done from home.




Social Committee

Committee Chairs: Kim Ward and Heather Bolduc

Key Events: Kindergarten Ice Cream Social, Kindergarten Orientation, Fall and Spring Movie Nights, and a Spring Festival

Time Commitment: As little or as much as you can give! We welcome all help! A lot of the prep can be done at home or during your regular errands. Our biggest event, the Festival, requires the largest amount of time, coordinating donations and rounding up volunteers, food trucks, vendors. A lot of those details can be done via email. The day of our Festival the time donated can be anywhere from 2 – 6 hrs. We will email our committee members a sign up for each event to let people know how they can participate, there are no requirements! If you are busy that event you can catch the next one.