Community Funding


Community Funding refers to funding sources outside the HES “family”, such as the school support programs from various franchises and retailers described below.

By redeeming these “points”, HES PTA can earn thousands of dollars per year . . . one label (or one purchase) at a time!




All of the retailers below partner with neighboring schools and offer rebates for purchases made at their store — sign up for these FREE programs today.

Note**, for all of the grocery reward programs, [excluding Target, Amazon & Weaver St], you MUST sign up your Rewards Card at the beginning of each school year, on or after August 1st.

Harris Teeter

Provide us your VIC card # on the HES membership form or, beginning August 1st, go to the Harris Teeter website to link your VIC card.  Your VIC card must be re-linked every school year.  Harris Teeter Together in Education

Lowe’s Foods  

Have a Lowe’s Foods Rewards Card?  Go to Lowe’s Foods website beginning August 1st and select HES as your participating school and a percentage of our purchases will come our way!

Lowe’s foods Cart to Class

Weaver Street Scrip Rewards 

Scrip is an easy way to raise money, no product selling, just reward-based selling using Gift Cards!  Purchase a gift card at Weaver Street, tell them to connect it to HES, and a % off your total purchases gets donated to HES. The Gift Card is reloadable!

 Amazon Smile

When you ordering through Amazon, use the below link, and on select purchases made, 0.5% of your order comes back to HES!

Amazon Smile